Room with a view

Get it? Well as expected I feel like I’ve been awake for 4 days straight…when actually I had a 6 hour nap today (I hate people who nap). The facts:


Great – Virgin really whipped ass in terms of entertainment…all of the latest movies were ready to watch (the biggest problem was finding ones that I hadn’t already seen…step forward Rendition, In the Valley of Elah, Simpsons movie and some other one.


The apartment is awesome – and the windows in my room make it soo bright. The balcony has about enough room to sit on in a big lounger or something and see across Shanghai, which is quite spectacular in terms of buildings (not that I am particularly equipped to appreciate architecture, but I do like NEON LIGHTS). We’re on the 7th floor of a large block, and there are a couple of guys sitting downstairs all the time to stop anyone breaking in and stealing our noodle bowls.

Day 1 – Morning

After meeting Oytun at the MAGLEV (Magnetic Levitating Train) station we took a taxi back to the flat before doing what every visitor to China does first…going to Tesco’s. It’s pretty similar to a western one, except everything’s between 1/3 and 1/10 of the price. More on that later…

Chinese people

Without wishing to go into too much details, everyone who I’ve come into contact with has been extremely pleasant and friendly…and even though it is clear that Oytun and I will be doing quite a large amount of hand movement to convince people of our desires (I managed to charades-act ‘dishcloth’ today – respect2me) they seem very accomodating.


People clear their nose/throat area while walking, which sounds a bit funny/gross. That’s pretty much it.


I brought a NOTEPAD with me to make a list of things I needed to buy in my first few days here…and it now sits at six items. I figured that it was a bit of a sociological experiment to see the order in which I needed different items…so here it is (with stars for completed items):

– Pillows for bed*
– Washing sink thing*
– Little light for side of bed
– Keyring
– Washing bag
– Socks

Now that is gangster.

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