So the Tesco’s under our house really is special. Not only do they sell delicious, nutritious food and drink, but they also have a wide variety of special offers that keep the punters coming back for more.

My particular favourite is Reeb – a crisp, light beer (4% alchohol) with a distinct taste of Budweiser about it. It comes in bottles of 630ml (a lot of beers here come in these big bottles – very good for sharing (or drinking alone)) and doesn’t have any of the bloating or agro side-effects that Stella, for example, has.

Now…after this mini review…click on the photo to see how much one of these babies will set you back! You’ll choke on your finger.

(And before I forget, the most amazing thing about it is that REEB is BEER backwards! It only took 3 days to work that one out…)

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