Club Bonbon - too cheap to turn down!

So we’d been planning all night how great Friday night was going to be. A world-supreme-master-champion DJ from Japan (DJ CoMa) was coming to a club called The Shelter (which we had never visited before), so we decided to splash out on a few beers at our place first. 3 1 Reeb Min Bi each (and a lot of classic mp3s) later we were ready to go…

The doors opened at 10pm, and we’d been advised to arrive pretty early as the place wasn’t huge and people had been known to be turned away. Well, we arrived at about 11pm to this:

Where da ppl gone man?

Ok, I’m sort of lying (I stole that photo from their Smart Shanghai page) but still…it was pretty empty. We were in no rush, so we got a beer. Corona was 20rmb (9 1 Reeb Min Bi) and I think TsingTao was even cheaper (or maybe it was the other way round…anyway…) and it tasted good (although I was a little perturbed by the fact that the bargirl put the lime into it with tweezers)…but it didn’t really make the atmosphere much better.

It started filling up at around 12am…but the scene was a bit like going to a uni bar in England…like a Mojo or Pressure. It didn’t feel quite…right. So, since time is money…we went to Bonbon :D

Bonbon is a big club and on a Friday night has ‘international DJs’. It claims to have had more than 200 fly in to do sets…and it’s a really great venue for it. Pretty big main dancefloor, nice ‘sideroom’ (although they were playing house music in it which suprised me since it was D+B (Matrix and Futurebound) in the main room) and lots of small booths and rooms to get lost in (and play the drinking dice game).

What we hadn’t really thought through was doing pre-drinking, then drinking followed by going to an ‘open bar’ club. As my friends know, I’m an alcoholic not a big drinker, and this was just a recipe for disaster! Anyway, 2am -> 4am is a bit of a blur…but I am 70% sure we ended up in City Diner, eating bacon burgers (sooooo goooood) and talking about David Beckham to some Korean students (who must have thought that we were retarded or worse…Welsh).

Overall, a great night out…and 10 hours of partying for around £20…expensive night :D Oh, and the toilets at Bonbon deserve a special mention for being so cyber:


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