We really should have been suspicious about Muse. Sure, it’s a trendy, classy place…popular Chinese and foreigners alike…sure it has cocktail waiters juggling with flaming bottles…but when the DJ is billed as ‘The King of Snoop Dog’, you know something’s up.

Inside it was packed packed packed full of people…with just enough room to squeeze past (Hey! Don’t hate me just because I have to brush up next to some hot chicks just to get to the cloakroom!) on the way to the bar. We decided to explore, and there is a huge metal staircase which leads to a smaller, upstairs room which had a different DJ but a similar level of good looking people, minus the crowds at the bar. Good stuff!

View from Muse stairs (not taken by me!)

We made our way to the dancefloor to the sounds of some great rap/hip-hop…but then suddenly and abruptly it went off, and a girl walked out from the DJ booth with a microphone. There must have been a band hidden somewhere because they started playing some stuff…and it was really bad. Not necessarily bad music, but that dancefloor cleared so fast you might have expected to have seen the police in there checking for Tibetan passports. We made our way with the crowd (sometimes you just have to go with the flow when there are a billion people moving in one direction) and headed back downstairs…where the trouble really began!

After about 25 minutes of hanging around downstairs, the DJ (who as previously mentioned is THE KING OF SNOOP DOG) was preparing to start his set. As we had been present upstairs on the changing of the last DJ -> band, we were prepared for a ‘rusty’ transition…what we weren’t prepared for was…

…all of the lights to go out and the music to stop.

One too many rice cookers in the kitchen and BANG! Powercut. Now I’m sure you’ve been in a club when something breaks before…they rush to fix it, the people shout and boo, it’s back up and running again in five minutes. Not in China baby! People stood in relative quiet, not hostile, chatting with their friends. Everyone finished their drinks and then some, again quite quietly, started to leave.

It was a bit like people leaving a funeral…calm, slow and drawn-out.

We, on the other hand, had realised that since all the rich mofos had left their comfy couches…we’d take advantage! Not only that, but in their rush to go home they also left plenty of Hennessey and some lovely ice-tea! Thanks guys (wherever you are)!

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