Bowling @ Orden Bowling Centre

Before arriving in China, I read that bowling was MASSIVE here. Huge. Everyone does it. I’d seen numbers thrown around about 15,000 lanes across Shanghai…well they must be pretty well hidden.

After a little research, we found a couple of places which match our needs: Cheap drinks, nice lanes, pool tables and those machines that you can grab toys out of (ok that last one is all me). Step forward: Orden Bowling Centre. Their logo is a panther with a bowling ball for a hand…I mean…does it get better than that?

Outside the building is a 20ft bowling pin, right on the street. While we were admiring this feat of modern technology, a man inquired as to whether we’d like the company of some ladyboys…maybe we were looking at this phallus a little too intently. I was up for it, but Oyt insisted that we need to perfect our bowling game so in we went…

The games were 25rmb each (£1.80 – it was peak time) and a beer was 15rmb (served in a delightful can, no glass). They seemed to have a nice mix of ghetto and class, as the lanes themselves were really nice, clean and bright. Our big problem was that we hadn’t eaten since lunch (and it was around 9pm now)…so we decided to check out the menu….


I made a promise to myself three years ago, after visiting a shady-ass restaurant in Hong Kong with Jme, J and Daisy, that I would never EVER under ANY circumstances order ‘blind’ from a menu which is in a different language. Well I fell off the wagon, and it was a long way to the floor:

Two big bowls of nasty

To describe this stuff is impossible…just try to imagine pearl barley, cold water and brine. Badly mixed. In our defence, these ‘products’ were labelled with ‘240g’ next to them…so I was sure they were going to be meat of some description (we really were that hungry). I managed about four spoons of each before just ordering another beer and carefully slipping the bowls into the bin while the assistants weren’t looking.


So, with our food mission still incomplete, we decided to strategize over a few games of pool. They had about 8 big American pool tables for 40rmb/hr…although after the first game we thought we’d pissed someone off as one of the assistants rushed over as soon as the black ball was pocketed. Thankfully, it was just because she wanted to rack the balls for us (it’s all part of the service!).

Ok so after 7 games we were almost dying of hunger…and where else do you go after a night out that the kebab house? Ok this wasn’t Adam’s kebab van…it was Anadolu Restaurant – the premier Turkish restaurant on that street in Shanghai.

The pricing structure was pretty strange…it seemed like if you took a plate it was between 80-100rmb, but shawarma style kebabs (Turkish expert says: durum) were 25rmb. I was pretty worried that one durum wouldn’t be enough for me, so I got one chicken and one beef, while the Turkish expert ordered the exotic sounding Iskender.

Rat kebob (mmm)Iskender’s claw

As many people are aware, I have a weird eating disorder which makes me eat really quickly for about 4 minutes, then I’m full. Well I just didn’t get full. I basically downed these things like it was 5pm in the middle of Ramadan…then I hit the wall. So full. SOOO FULLLL. It hurt…but it hurt nice. For the first time I understood what masochists might get out of S+M. Nice pain. Anyway….

Urrrrrrrrrrrrr full

While the meat-sweats were setting in, we paid and gtfo. The taxi ride was like a happy dream, and I had the best night’s sleep since arriving in Shanghai. Anadolu passed the ultimate kebab restaurant test: I might even consider going there sober (one day).


  1. Thanks for the info! I am in Shanghai and a group of us are trying to find something fun to do tonight and I think we will check this place out. I am not sure how long ago you posted this, but thanks for the info! Any good ideas of movie theaters around here? We live in Jingan.

  2. Do you need to make a reservation for the bowling centre?

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