Bi Feng Tang Shanghai

Bi Feng Tang is a popular chain in Shanghai, serving solid quality and good value Cantonese food. The décor is meant to resemble a fishing village, but since I’ve never been to a fishing village in China or anywhere else, I can’t really comment on its authenticity. We were sitting under big umbrellas outside on the street, surrounded by bamboo huts. Five minutes after we arrived it began raining, so it had more to do with the British seaside than the Chinese coast…anyway…

We had a really great set of guides to help us order, however they thought it would be much more useful for our Chinese education (AND FUNNY HAHAHAAHGAAHAA) to only tell us the names of the food in Cantonese and Mandarin. Thanks guys! That being said, we could guess most of the things (Is it pink? It’s pork. Is it brown? It’s beef. Does it taste like crap? It’s a cherry tomato).

We (ok they) ordered about nine dishes in total…with varying results. Check out this British favourite:

Mice pie

If the word ‘bland’ could be made into a single dish, it would be this – like a mince pie without the mince.

Wet lettuce haha

Hmmm…dumplings in soup with a piece of soggy lettuce covering it. I don’t know who came up with this little combo, but it tasted really good (although WTF difficult to grab with my non-epic chopstick skills).


Duck…always an MVP on the chinese table…tasted amazing but the little bits of bone in some parts always scare me a bit. I think Jme pointed out how cheap chicken breast is in Taiwan compared to the thigh/leg/other parts with bones in. Maybe they like to play with their food before eating (a big no-no in my eyes).

Pork grinder

Soo…the #2 prize on the table went to this little number. Really tasty pork meat, no bones and HOT! An (almost) winning combo. Also note the bread rolls (12 o’clock in this pic)…billed as an amazing delicacy they tasted like…bread. With sugar on. Meh. Also at 11 o’clock you can see this big plate of cold fishy things. I think we ordered that as part of the maritime theme…because nobody seemed to want to put it in their mouth.


As Ric Flair said, “To be the man, you’ve gotta beat the man” and nothing at the table was taking beef’s crown. Served steaming hot in a delicious tangy sauce…even the presence of a few bone bits couldn’t take away from this super food. I’m drooling just writing this.

Total price including beers, rice and some other dumpling things, around 80rmb (£6) per person. I’m going to get really fat here.

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