Ya Wang...The King of Ducks

It’s been a while since I had a good duck (or any duck for that matter), so where better to go to than the DUCK KING!? Nowhere, that’s where. After only having slept for 6 hours (updating the DJOD.co.uk archives IF YOU HAVE TO KNOW) I wasn’t feeling particularly swell (oh gawd USA influence has begun), but by the time I’d walked to Plaza 66 (near Jingan Temple) my belly was begining to rumble. In a good way.

Let me in I need ducking!

The place has some real authentic decoration (I heard it’s Beijing style, just how I like it). It was pretty empty (which sounds like the norm for lunchtimes) but it can get pretty packed later on (I am told). I was pretty glad of the calm (not to mention the usual stares from gobsmacked midgets Chinese) as I stretched out and opened the menu…

The Scorpion King meets the Duck King

Ok, I admit it. I didn’t have the balls to order the scorpions. Next time (maybe).

I am 78% sure this is duck

Having assessed the fact that we were actually in the presence of a duck king, we figured that we should go ALL OUT…so our first dish was duck. I would like to be more specific but I’ve forgotten precisely what part of the bird it came from, but I’m almost sure it is inside (we had asked for the bill and feet to be left firmly in the kitchen). It felt like noodles (in my mouth, duh) and tasted a bit like chicken…a good combo!

Green giant

The only non-ducky dish was asparagus with chili, since it really does taste good and it’s exceptionally good for you (as the Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board will tell you).

Liverspool v Chelsea

Next up – Pan fried duck livers! I wasn’t expecting there to be so many (or for them to be so big), which kinda made me think we’d misordered. They tasted pretty good, if a little bland…but everything probably tastes bland when it’s on a bed of prawn crackers and cucumber! CUCUMBER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GTFO MY TABLE!

What no ripping?

The main event: Peking Beijing duck. So…the first difference from the ducks at Special Zone 1997 was that it was huge. The second difference, it was hot (like warm hot not spicy hot) and the third difference…nobody ripped the hell out of it in front of us at the table! NO RIPPING!? Half of the fun of the dish is watching someone tear it to shreds like a five year old with a box of Kleenex (hey, I said five year old you sicko). After I’d got over this initial disappointment, I gave it a try and (as expected) it was damnnnnn fine.

Where\'s the chili sauce yo?

After spending time assembling my duck pancake (aka Fajita-Dentona) I started gobbling them a bit too fast and needed to take a break…the pancakes here are a lot more flour-y and thinner than I’ve had previously, but that just made me enjoy the tender meat even more. DUCKING TASTY WTF!

No thx

Just after my third pancake, bowls started popping up on the table with what looked to be dirty washing up water. I was informed that the rest of the duck (we’d already hoovered two plates) had been made into soup! Someone really needs to teach the Chinese about course-order. I don’t think they went to finishing school. Anyway, I was stuffed so didn’t venture into the boney-murky-underworld-water that confronted me…

Sassy and stylish

We asked for the few scraps that we didn’t eat to be packaged for takeaway, and I’m glad we did! Check out the snazzy bag they gave us! I know where I’m coming around Christmas time…no more wrapping headaches for me!

Overall, whole (king) duck, three dishes, four cokes and a (complimentary) plate of oranges came to around 230RMB (about £18) (and could easily have served three but I told the other guy to go duck himself). Ducklicious! I’ve gone too far…


  1. finishing school graduate says:

    the northern Chinese drink soup at the end of a meal. go to culture school, you fool.

  2. Irony much?

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