We went for an awesome dinner the other night at Element Fresh, near Jingan Temple. As we were finishing our main course, we started talking about the big differences between China and the UK, and one big advantage which kept coming up was delivery. The customer is king in China, and the lengths that people are willing to go to please you are really astounding.

Take tickets as an example. Nas is coming to Shanghai in a couple of weeks, and tickets just went on sale. You can ‘buy’ tickets online…well actually you sort of ‘order’ them and then a guy will COME TO YOUR HOUSE with the tickets and you pay him in cash. Not the most sophisticated system, but it works (I suppose).

What I used to use in London (on the few times I got tickets) was Viagogo. I was wondering if they had any events in Shanghai so I had a look:


That got me thinking about this summer and the Olympics (and the fact that I haven’t got my tickets to come back here yet after July…crap crap crap!). Anyway so I keep searching around the Concert Tickets, and found Bruce Springsteen Tickets – THE BOSS is on tour again…although in the list of places he’s going (Dublin, Manchester, London, Cardiff, Barcelona, Paris…) he ain’t stopping in Shanghai. I wonder how good a £205 ticket to the Emirates Stadium is….although it’s probably cheaper than going to watch Arsenal…

Anyway….so which system is better? I like the ease of submitting a webform and getting the guy to come to my house, but on Viagogo you can hold auctions for tickets (I wonder if those football ones have any bargains?! Congo v North Korea plx!) and it feels a lot more…safe?

One item I won’t be bidding on is Radiohead Tickets…a bit emo for me, although they do have the best venue – Lancashire County Cricket Club! I can just see Michael Atherton in the front row…

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  1. one ticket to china express pls!

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