Doraemon is God

So after a chance encounter one day back in 2003, I fell in love with a blue, robotic cat called Doraemon. He became very special to our family (Jamie, Daisy and myself) and we cared for him dearly.

A trip to Hong Kong and Thailand only served to reinforce my love for the little cat with the big pocket, as he is truly a superstar in Asia. I even bought a pair of jeans with his fat face on so I could carry him around with me (or behind me) wherever I went. China too is feeling the nip from the claws of Dorae-mania…but recently I’ve realised that I may have gone too far…


It started innocently enough. A trip to the supermarket, a slight sniffle…before I knew it we had three boxes of Doraemon tissues on our living room table. So soft…so nice…a bit weird…

Chewy and yummy and gummy

On the next shop visit, I needed some snacks – and look who provided them! Delicious gummy sweets in three super flavours! It was starting to become a lifestyle choice, and I didn’t care!


Then the addiction began. Boxes and boxes of little cakes. So soft and delicious, with faux-creme and faux-jam inside…perfect any time of the day or night. They became my staple diet…

The life cycle of a Doraemon cake

I started calling them by name (before I ate them). I liked to give them a little backstory too. Barry (the cake) WANTS to make me happy! He wants to be eaten! I just kept eating them…I lay in bed and downed five…ten…fifteen at a time. Then it hit me…I couldn’t move.

I tried to wiggle my toes but nothing worked…I lay for hours, whimpering in the sea of empty wrappers and crumbs. I had to get out of this Doraemon daze. I rolled myself onto the floor (the impact cushioned by the mountain of Doraemon tissues) and crawled towards the bathroom. I realised it had been days since I’d washed, brushed my teeth or….been to the toilet.

I made it…but as I reached for the toilet roll I realised that I could never, ever escape:

He\'s everywhere! EVEN THERE!

I’d gone Dorae-mad.

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  1. Gosh…. you really get mad in Dorae… I guess you will found out more more more Dorae stuff in China wah hahah

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