78 Korean noodle restaurant

Just like our beloved Ajisen Ramen, 78 is a cheap and fast noodle restaurant near Jing’an Temple (静安寺), on the same road as Burger King and The Coffee Bean. They serve quite a good range of stuff (soups, noodles, hotpots, meat skewery things) and all the main stuff was between 20 and 30 rmb.

Ever since going on a modified version of the Atkins’ Diet (modified with unhealthy stuff), I have developed an occasional longing for fried eggs (I used to eat perhaps six per day while ‘training’ (lol)). The sight of this little beggar almost made me fall off my slightly uncomfortable stool:


It is a hot pot, and I actually burned my thumb on the bowl to prove how hot it was. Bit stupid really. I’m not quite sure where the egg-white went, but there’s something about that yolk that made me want to take it behind the middle school lockers and get it pregnant (TM Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock).

My partner in crime had a soup thing:

Nobody knows what is in here...but it tasted good!

With a pork chop chaser:


I really appreciate this idea of being able to order fried meat as a supplement to almost anything, as it does seem to plug the gaps that the soupwater doesn’t fill.

Pork grinderrrr

To share we had a slightly uninspiring kebab collection, including tomatoes wrapped in bacon (what sort of devil made up that crooked recipe) and a sausage on a stick. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sausage fan (HEY – NO) but it seemed out of place in the company of the super chicken pieces to its right. Whatever, I still ate it :P


  1. huah… i notice u write a bit in chinese wor.. copy n paste from where one?? haha..

  2. the good life…i see.

  3. Peily – Copy and paste from Wikipedia haha! It has all the answers~~

    Cheesemom – When you holiday in Shanghai I will take you to all of the great restaurants ;)

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