It was just a normal day in cyberspace, when suddenly my Facebook window had a couple of grey buttons at the bottom:

I nearly had a hard attack

I’d heard that Facebook was testing its chat client across a number of networks…I wonder if China just got added or whether it’s now ‘in the wild’. Either way, I had to click!


Oooh nice little notification window popup, not harming the normal ‘home’ page. It shows your Facebook status just like MSN or Gmail chat shows your status (in grey under the name). By default it is set to ‘offline’, so you just HAVE to click ‘Go Online!’:


Damnnnnnnn nice! All inside the frame, very smooth pop out, all online people at the top and offline or idle people at the bottom. Searching is, as always with Facebook, really slick too.

Facebook chat box in full effect

So I enlisted the help of my good friend CT to test it out…although we both were feeling the pressure of using it for the first time so we made a couple of spelling mistakes :S

Notice the grey bar which now stretches the length of the window, which carries all of your different conversations in (like the windows taskbar does for MSN). Magic. If you have too many chats open (not likely), then it auto hides a few:

Hide me Facebook chat! Hide me!

It looks like Facebook Notifications have been moved to the bottom right now, next to the chat which seems sensible (and explains why I couldn’t find them yesterday!).

Facebook chat gets its most philosophical user

What’s left? Oh yeah…POPOUT! When I clicked on ‘pop-out chat’ I was a bit suprised by the size of the window (click to enlarge):

That\'s a really big window!

But it works very nicely, and there’s certainly plenty of space for…well…chatting.

So…it’s here and it’s easy to use and certainly undaunting (which is a major factor that FB had to face to get the ‘casual’ Facebook users onto a chat client). If they haven’t missed the ‘peak’ of Facebook interest (when the casuals were excited about linking up with their old friends from school) then it could be the app which keeps their interest in the medium term, and hurts other web based IMs like Messenger online and Gchat.

File transfer could be an issue which stops them from toppling the client-based MSN/Yahoo/Google chat emoticons, but hey…if you want to send a picture then just link to your Facebook gallery (links work but only if you include the http:// ).

Exciting times! Now where’s the ‘appear offline’ function…


  1. whyyyyy meeeeeeee?!

  2. You’re the lucky guinea pig! Thanks buddy!

  3. one thing very important one.. if you didn’t sign out in facebook arr.. then it still show tat it’s online le.. so.. if u keep on messaging then no reply meaning the human is not there la..

  4. and ya.. this facebook thingy make chris so happy tat he could finally get out for the stupid ebuddy tat keep crash..

  5. The most interesting thing is you have Richard Du Feu as a friend

  6. Nicely reviewed! Though I think, to be fair, it’s not really gonna “take over” where MSN or Gmail are actively being used by a whole group of people – but for people new to IM it might be their first time using IM..
    Just discovered Digsby, an IM client, that lets you integrate it all, into one place.. I also have seen Yoono try to bring it all together.. will be interesting to see how things end up, 5 years from now ;)
    Though, I’m an ardent twitterer at the moment, which I think is much better than FB chat follow me at @magitam and say hi, and I’ll be happy to introduce you to it ;)

  7. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. Thanxx a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDD

  9. hahahaha facebook is funny

  10. Does anyone know if it is possible to change the fonts on the chat?

  11. agung eka setiawan says:


  12. how do u do smiley faces on fb chat ? x

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