CoCo Ichibanya, Shanghai

I’ve been meaning to write about this place for ages but it kept falling through the cracks…until now! CoCo Ichibanya (Zun Yi Nan Lu branch, near Hooters!) is Turkey’s favourite lunchtime destination (when I say Turkey I mean Turkish people aged 23 living in Shanghai in my house), and it serves pretty cheap (30rmb or so) curry meals.

Coco Ichibanya, Shanghai

Coco’s gimmick is that you can really customize how it comes, specifying how spic you want it, what ‘extras’ you want in it and also how much rice you get at the side (if you’re me, you ask for ‘as little as possible kthxbye). It also has a great motto: Good smell, good curry! Super.

The variety of meats (and other stuff) you can have in your curry is pretty wide – the standard beef / pork / chicken / prawns are there….then you also have a hamburger, an omlette (!) or my personal (least) favourite:

Sausage gut!

I guess it’s a bit more exotic here than in the dirty south of England. So I went for something like beef stirfry in mine, medium spicy and with 200g of rice (the minimum). It looked good and was ok (the meat quality was average tbh):

Gimme some more!

Boston too pork thingy with hers, which was an interesting measuring stick for Ajisen Ramen (they serve this exact meal on their cheap meals menu for 25rmb ish).

Pork grinderrrrrrrrrrr

It was pretty good actually, although the rice is a bit stickier and heavier than AR. Oytun, the meat monster, went for BEEEEF with BEEEEEF in his, and it looked like a good call (he is the king of Coco so he should have made the right choice):

Mystery meat mmmm

Tasty and it swamped the rice which is always a good thing. Screw carbs, give me PROTEINZ. Overall, it would have been a good meal…nothing amazing, nothing rubbish….but then out of nowhere came….


The dream ticket. The king’s own dish. Chicken fillet in breadcrumbs with tartar sauce and lemon. On a hot summer’s day, you can not get anything better than a hot chicken piece with this tangy tartar (and a boiled egg)! Is it a taste of home? No, not really (the only tartar sauce I ever had at home was one which my mum had kept in the cupboard for 4 years, and had gone quite mouldy. Call me strange, but I had a natural aversion to the stuff since then). The price for this beauty? 15 rmb (£1!). Come in my mouth! (c-o-m-e).

CoCo Ichibanya
A9 Hongqiao Parkson Shopping Center, 100 Zunyi Lu,
near Xianxia Lu, Metro Line 2 Loushanguan Lu Station

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