Dad would have been proud...

Rob Knievel Jumps 24 Trucks at King’s Island – That is NEWS baby!

Condoms ‘too big’ for Indian men – This important science story from December 2006 is currently top of the BBC News ‘most read’ list…

Mars probe touches down – …whereas this insignificant throwaway article, is not…

Kobe Bryant (Me) Jumps Over Pool w/ Snakes (Black Mambas) – Ok we get it he can jump over stuff because he’s got mad cgi-ups.

Facebook battles Google over access to user data – They’ll be part of the same company by Christmas!

New “Indiana Jones” film tops Memorial Day weekend box office – Starring Shia LaBeouf! and some other chumps

Sex symbol Jessica Alba quitely weds long-time beau – Well she’s not getting her stuff back now :(

Victim’s former friend identifies R. Kelly, girl in sex tape – Trapped in the Closet (jail cell).

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