Shanghai Shenhua’s second goal v Juventus – check it out in HD!

On Saturday night we went to the enormous Shanghai Stadium to watch the Fiat Cup – a three-way (don’t) football tournament between Juventus and Parma (of Italy) and Shanghai Shenhua – our local heroes!

Goooo Shanghai!

The setup was three 45 minute matches, in a round-robin style. I think the organizers expected Shanghai expo 2010 to get a drubbing in the first two fixtures, which would set up a Parma v Juve final….but in fact Shanghai 2010 pulled off a huge upset by beating Juve in the second game (and they were robbed blind in the first game because they should have had a penalty right at the end to draw it…i’m talking STONEWALL here).

Shenhua! Shenhua!

It was a pretty fun experience, made even better by Niu Nai’s appearance:

Good work Niu Nai!

…as well as the other twenty people we met for the first time on the night. Parma won overall, beating Juve on penalties after their game was 3-3 after 45 minutes! Surely the highest scoring half in Italian football history….

More videos of Juve being humbled here:


  1. i got to watch the video from my superfast internet at home woo hoo!! lolol… so u love CHINA EH?!

  2. I LUB CHINAZ! Can you interpret the HIDDEN characters in the final frames though?! :O

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