That is really charming

I always forget if it’s desert or dessert…but the interweb tells me:

“I would like to have two desserts, but one desert is enough!”.

This might help some people, but now I have to remember a number as well as both words…and why would one desert be enough? I can think of loads of deserts in the world: Sahara…ummm….That one in Africa…anyway…

So the other day we went to Charmant on Huahai Road to have dessert…I don’t remember what I’d had for lunch immediately before (which probably means it was Ajisen Ramen), but I’ll never forget the icy welcome from the restaurant (or the sordid story that Boston told me in the cab there…thanks for that!)

Ok so we were meant to meet two friends there, but they were running late (or ‘on Shanghai time’ (I hate people who say things like that…’Shanghai time ho ho ho everyone’s late ho ho ho i’m so knowledgeable about social quirks ho ho ho’)), so we ordered this peanut butter smoothie thing. It didn’t look like no smoothie I’d ever seen before:

Our son Pat, is a bit nifty with a bat...

It was really quite peanutty (which I suppose should have been expected), but I kept thinking it should taste a bit more ice-creamy…and it didn’t. Thankfully, the other two arrived and started eating the rest of it, which meant we could move on to PHASE 2:

ice ice baby ice baby again?


The icy brown sugar white balls and black balls underneath and little green bits thingy! Ok, I might now know it’s PWOPER NAME but I do know…it’s from Taiwan….it has ice in it…and ummm..brown sugar. And it tastes great! It tasted so good in fact, we ordered more ice and more bally thingies to go in it…although looking back it may have been a mistake as all four of us had a slight (extreme) sugar rush for the next 72 hours.

The other slight downside is what happens to it after it melts…

Waiter, there's a fly in my soup.

You don’t need to say it, I know.

Charmant (小城故事)
1st Floor, 1414 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu


  1. mmmmmmmmm

  2. those balls look yummy *mmmmmmm*

  3. yummy. where is the place??

  4. Shanghai, China! Get your ticket now!

  5. thanks. then where is your home town, U make me miss the ABC, But i have had just now.

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