What was that again?

Beijing approves Olympics ‘cheer’ – Start practising!

In pictures: BB9 housemates arrive – Shotgun Stephanie…

Top US Democrat Barack Obama holds surprise meeting with defeated rival Hillary Clinton – Dream ticket incoming?

Ronaldo ‘wants to play at Madrid’ – What’s the betting that he doesn’t go anywhere and then is booed again by his own fans next season? Lovely!

O2 to offer £100 iPhone… in time for Xmas? – They’re alright I suppose.

50’s Baby Moms House Burns Down – It wasn’t me

Top 10 Most Pirated TV Shows on BitTorrent – Yeah! The Ultimate Fighter!

The Shanghai Beat: Graffiti Shanghai – Youtube video about ‘writers’ in Shanghai (see how cool I am?)

Betfair.com – Euro 2008 starts tomorrow! Time to invest!

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