Firefox 3

Ok it’s not really that exciting, although I’m very interested to see how Mozilla handle the big launch of their new flagship product. Let’s see!

Download Day

So on Download Day (here in China it began at 2am on the day AFTER Download Day, but hey…) I went to the Firefox website and low and behold, the front page offered me Firefox 2.0. I checked my new huge clock and confirmed that it was 2.05am. Annoying. Ok so I go to sleep…

…*Yawn*…Good morning! Well it’s 11.49am…off we go to the Firefox website!


The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.

Doh. Refresh, refresh, refresh…woo it works! Maybe it’s just my connection (which is about as dependable as Marcus Brutus at the moment). Now it offers me the download – with space ships in the background! I do like spaceships, although what particular relevance they have to this product I’m not sure.

Click on the download button….


The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.

Doh. SURELY it’s my connection…Refresh, refresh, refresh…woo! Instructions on how to download. Looks very simple! Just four steps!

Step 1 – Start the process by clicking Run. – Ok this is a bad start. I’m using Firefox 2.0 to download Firefox 3.0, and when I click on ‘Download’, I don’t get a ‘Run’ option, just ‘Save File’ and ‘Cancel’. If I was using the ‘Could my parents do this’ test then that would have been a bit of a hurdle.

Step 2 – Give permission to launch the setup wizard by clicking Continue after the file has downloaded. – I would do…but it’s still downloading…8k/s…must be my connection, right? RIGHT? Maybe millions of people are downloading it. MILLIONS. But c’mon it’s only 7mb…there must be some better way of distributing a small file to millions of people….Oh wow it finally downloaded! There is, of course, no ‘Continue’ button…I’m going to try ‘Open’.

Step 3 – Follow the steps shown in the setup wizard. – Firefox 2.0 warned me that this file might contain malicious code! Do I *really* want to open it? Sure…I think…That is until Windows Vista pops up with its two cents…DO YOU REALLY WANT TO OPEN THIS FILE?! IT COULD BE DODGY! Caution to the wind, I continue…

Oh crap – Firefox must be closed to continue installation! What does this mean for live bloggers everywhere?! Surely they don’t want us to continue our stream of thought in IE? Hmm…fast install (20 seconds or so?)…and we’re straight into ‘Firefox Update’ – checkng my ‘add-ons’ for compatibility with this version of Firefox. I didn’t know I had any add-ons. It looked like this ‘Firefox Update’ thing hung so I pressed ‘cancel’ and we’re IN TO FIREFOX 3.0 WOO HOO!

So…umm…what’s new FF? There’s a refresh button! I like it. The green arrow at the right hand end of the address bar is gone. My anonymouse toolbar is gone. RSS feeds all seem to have made it intact. The ‘red X’ to close tabs is now a lovely dark shade of blue. The spaceships have been replaced with doves – SYMBOLISM!

So…load up WordPress admin…Hmm…no CSS…Reload (with new reload button)…success! Well, looks like nothing’s really changed too much ;)

I don’t know what Step 4 was, because I had to close the browser. But I’m sure it was great!


  1. omggg GTITS!! lol

  2. Wow! Live blogging software installation, you’ve hit a new high!

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