I don\'t think we\'ll look like that somehow...

Ever since acting as Fred Savage’s best friend in the hit TV show ‘The Wonder Years’, I’ve always had a thing for photo shoots. On a recent trip to People’s Square (人民广场) with my crew (geddit? CREW?!) I decided to try to recreate the magic of the 80’s and relaunch my TV career by hitting up the crazy Japanese photo machine…with interesting results.

First thing to do is choose the ‘style’ you want. The choice seemed to be between garish, horribly garish, super-garish, extra-garish or spangly. We chose spangly.

Next you go into a big (could fit 5 people easily) booth and you have about 3 minutes to take as many pictures as you want, with as many different backgrounds and styles as you can fit into the time limit. All ok so far. As soon as your time is up, however, you’re given a ridiculously short time in which to choose the six that you want to keep…and then for some reason we had to cut this selection down to four….Ok I admit my Chinese is not really up to the level of a 14 year old girl yet, so I *may* have missed something obvious…

Etch-a-sketch 2k8

Anyway, now all the photos are done, you go to a little touch screen with two pens and then basically deface the images with all sorts of stars, animals, glitter and other stuff which a grown man should probably not be seen associating himself with in a public place. God bless you and your blind eyes Asia.

Once you’re done (you get about 3 more minutes to cover your pics in crap, which is more than enough) they print them out and voila….

A page of pictures = 40rmb
Scan and bluetooth to phone = 20rmb
Two girls pretend to be your friend = 100rmb
The results…priceless.

Movie stars

Monkey stars

Mobile stars

Rabbit stars

Niu nai is the star

Lost my head :(


  1. Cute~
    But I didn’t meet the problem of time limit when taking big head pics. & it’s cheap if not in Dimei haha

  2. Where are the cheap ones?!! I HAVE TO KNOW!!!

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