When people talk about ‘English food’ they tend to do so in a derogatory fashion. I don’t mind this, because I think it pays tribute to the fact that the amount of easily definable ‘English food’ is decreasing all the time, being replaced with the best mixture of foods from around the globe which are easily available up and down the country. Even weird Turkish food is beginning to become ‘normal’ to eat in certain ghetto areas of the UK.

However, you can’t **** with the classics, and I took the opportunity this weekend to remind myself of one of the most consistently delicious meals in world history (HP courtesy of Kolsi/Green/Chan and Associates):

Step 1 – Dodgy packet

Pieces of bacon in my heart mmm

Step 2 – Dodgy paper near open flame

Burn baby burn

Step 3 – Nothing dodgy about that

Worldwide classic

Step 4 – Bacon sandwich


PS, ‘Elaborate bacon’ wtf?!



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