How to order McDonald\'s delivery in Shanghai

Many people ask me how to order McDonald’s delivery in Shanghai – and I’ve been taking advantage of this superb service for the last four months, but I keep losing the telephone number (well to be truthful, I keep losing my phone, which has the number in it…). With this in mind, I am putting simple steps here so that wherever I am I will be able to find my ordering instructions:

Step 1
Call 4008-517-517 from your home phone or mobile

Step 2
Press ‘2’ for English (or press ‘1’ for Chinese)

Step 3
If this is your first time calling, you need to register your address with them. So just tell them your address (they are speaking English after all). If it’s not your first time, they will tell you your phone number and address before proceeding to Step 4…

Step 4
Order your Big Mac, McChicken sandwich or whatever other delicious food that you want!

Mcdonalds phone number Shanghai

That’s it! They will deliver it in between 30-45mins and it’s (usually) warm-hot. Delivery charge is 7rmb. The service is 24 hours a day and follows the ‘breakfast menu / daytime menu’ times of the normal McDonald’s (I don’t know what they are as I don’t tend to wake up before ‘daytime menu’ begins :E ).

*Update* – The McDonald’s delivery number is the same for the whole of China, so if you’re in Beijing, Guangzhou or Shenzhen just follow the same instructions to order McDonald’s delivery! Enjoy!

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  1. Hey

    Living in Shanghai, and really lazy to go out today in the rain. Wanna order McD for the first time, and saw your description – thanks!
    But actually things have changed a bit now… now you can order online (English as well!), via
    Try it out!

  2. Just tried ordering. Even speaking English they still don’t know where I live, or what’s going on. It’s easier to just walk to McD than having to communicate with the operators. Oh well.. Welcome to China.

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