When a girl looks for clothes, she pictures herself wearing them. Not in a changing room, but in a real-life situation. If she sees a cocktail dress in the window of a boutique in Soho, in her mind she is immediately transplanted into an upmarket bar full of (probably sleazy) Spanish (probably footballing) millionaires, accepting the third offer of a bottle of champagne which one particularly handsome (probably gay) man is sending to her table.

When men look for electronics, they do the same. If I’m looking at a small MP3 player, I picture myself jogging through a huge park on a sunny day, wearing an old (but trendy) cut-off t-shirt, with it strapped to my (bulging) arm as I sweat through the pain barrier to the sound of ‘Eye of the Tiger’. I have a small MP3 player, and I’ve jogged with it once. The reality is very far from the fantasy.

That all changed today though.

When I was looking for a laptop back at Christmas time, for the first time in my life size was not at the top of my list of desires. If I have ever (and I mean EVER) had the opportunity to upgrade, supersize or trade-up on a product (hello 19″ monitor, goodbye room-space) I have done it…but size was not a part of my fantasy life for this laptop.

The fantasy was simple: I would get on a flight with my latop bag as my only carry-on luggage, get to my seat (and not be cramped to hell), open my bag and get my slim and light laptop out and type away, safe in the knowledge that the battery had more than enough juice left in it for me to get a blog post finished and a few pictures edited.

Today, that fantasy became a reality. I am writing from my emergency exit seat (thanks Blue1!), with a can of Lapin Kulta (thanks Finnish breweries!) by my side, looking out at the fabolous view of an ocean (North Sea? South Sea? Mediteranean?), puncturing fluffy clouds as we hurtle towards Finland. And typing. On my 14″ screen laptop. A laptop which I was offered a 1″ upgrade on in store for nothing. I turned it down.

I have been liberated from the need to always go the biggest option – now I’m in control and I choose what is the best for my needs – and I choose small. I’m happy. I’m ecstatic. The old sayin is true – It’s not how big it is, it’s what you do with it that counts.

Here’s the view to my left. Wow.

fly me to the moon

Now where’s my penis-pump? I heard that they work 100 times better at altitude…

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