Bodean's BBQ, Soho

Bodean’s is my favourite restaurant in London. It offers every ingredient in my perfect meal mix…meat, cold beer and American sports. Seriously, what else could possibly improve on that? (Answer: Strippers)

So there have been some changes since last I visited: new menu items, new serving styles and I reckon they’ve opened a couple more restaurants across town. Business must be good!

I went for the KC Brisket Special, which is beef brisket (ok I admit that I thought ‘brisket’ was a reference to how it is cooked or something, but Wikipedia tells me that it’s actually a cut):

So they cook it really slowly in marinade or something…and it turns out great! So there’s a load of that, plus onion rings and cheese inside a big ass bun:

It was served in a basket as opposed to the big tray which I was expecting, and i’m not sure if I’m just resistant to change or I was genuinely disappointed to see it. It definitely didn’t feel like there was enough space to spread out the food (which I like to do there). Ok this is starting to sound a bit weird…CLOSE UP:

Bodean's KC brisket special close up

It was god damn amazing. One of the best bits of it was that it came ‘naked’ (without sauce), so I was able to put a bit of BBQ on it without drowning it (as they sometimes do).

J and Fiona had a full rack of ribs each (I think it’s a Deloitte thing). As I’m not a professional at eating ribs, I’ll hand over to J for his guide to ribbing:

Step 1 – Receive order

Step 2 – Preparation

Step 3 – Dexter-style OCD bone cleaning

Thankfully nobody started snapping the bones and eating the marrow, and being that I was with a Finn and a Hong-Kongolese, I think that was pretty fortunate…


  1. Ain’t got shit on Damon’s, trust blud.

  2. wtf beef brisket is THE BOMB! usually a chinese dish though, or made into soup.


  3. those look like good ribs. can you email me some?

  4. this food all looks amazing! I am so hungry now

  5. hahah I love the process of eating ribs pics!

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