Facebook has been redesigned, and here’s how to see the new look: go to http://www.new.facebook.com and log in with your email and password!

Facebook has been redesigned

The immediate thing I noticed was how wide the page is now, and how much white space there is! Gone are the hundreds of applications and widgets on the front page, with the now extended wall taking pride of place.

Facebook new look

Tabs along the top of each profile now group your different types of information – and thankfully there is one for ‘boxes’…which means that your 2,000,000 ‘buy your friend a chicken’ apps will be hidden from view! It’s like a super-Facebook-vacuum has just obliterated all the filth from everyone’s profiles…

New design for Facebook galleries

Photo galleries have been designed to be more intuitive (no more having to click three or four times to view someone’s gallery list).

Facebook wall redesign

Finally, check out how nice the wall is now! Different colours for comments and ‘actions’ (like joining groups and attending events). We’ll see how fast the people at Facebook roll out this redesign to the ‘live’ audience, but for now…have a look yourself! Remember, go to:


and log in with your email and password!

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  1. why do you look so cool and tall and se*y omggg wtf!

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