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I haven’t been very (read: at all) active on my website lately because I’ve been studying in the eveneings for a TEFL/TESOL certificate. Now I’ve got the bugger it means I am ‘qualified’ to teach Engrish as a foreign language. That’ll help in the winter, as I’m teaching English in Shanghai. The reason that I want to teach English to people who don’t have it as their first language is to rid the world of the word ‘surge’ as an alternative to ‘rise’ or ‘increase’. Example:

West End reports summer sales boom despite credit crunch – “INTERNATIONAL high-rollers splashed their cash in the West End in a summer boom which defied the downturn hitting the rest of the UK…..The number of shoppers hitting central London surged by 2.5 per cent in ­August compared with the same month last year.”

2.5% isn’t even the sampling error in opinion polls. Go statistifick yourself.


WotLK release date: 11/13/08 – Awww hell

Church apologises to Charles Darwin – I too should apologise to the church for not realising that you weren’t joking all this time

Who are the British creationists? – NUTS

McCain v Obama – What they’ll do to your tax bill – INCOME=Over $2.9M MCCAIN’S TAXBILL= -$269,364 OBAMA’S TAXBILL = +$701,885

Computer Error Shows Why Houston Is The Worst Place in Earth – It’s cold in dem der hills


  1. what, so i have to imagine all the characters in bible are talking apes? :D

    lol. teach me engrish, me england no so very great

  2. Haha! Reminds me of this: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080911113434AA5ZNqb

    “Yeah, and why do people think we is the only intelligent species on Earth when The Fellowship of the Ring explicitly states that there are elves and dwarves and orcs as well?”

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