I am jealous of girls. I admit it. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve done more shopping than in the previous two years (oh the torture of being a tour guide)…but the predominant feeling which I have come out of the experience with is envy – envy of the amount of cool stuff that girls get to do that guys can’t.

Example #1: Hair extensions

I often wake up frustrated with my short hair, wishing I could have the long, luxurious, flowing locks of my hero: Shawn Michaels. But every time I go to the hairdresser, all I manage to mumble is “messy spikes, short at the back”.

Example #2: Accessories

Niu Nai is pretty much my only accessory, and I only take him for walks because he needs feeding. Girls have carte blanche to accessorise every single part of their body! Hair clips, sunglasses, ear rings, nose rings, lip rings, necklaces, watches, belts, bracelet, rings, bags, shoes (ok shoes aren’t technically an accessory, but I’ll be damned if a girl’s choice isn’t 1000x bigger than a guy’s), toe rings…

Example #3: Manicure


Whatever religion you are, one fact is clear about men and women – they both have hands. Men have traditionally done more ‘manual’ labour than women (although I am leading the crusade against this horrendous truth), so why pray tell should they be the ones who are excluded from the nail bar? Surely men need their finger nails caring for just as much if not more than women?

Well I for one am taking a stand. Welcome to the man-icure.

Settling in…

Scraping stuff off

Buff buff polish etc

The real deal

Ok so they were just a touch shiny, but feel strong and look a lot better than they did before. Now all I have to do is convince other people of its merits. Is this a gateway-drug to other things? Perhaps, although Manscaping is still off the radar, for now.


  1. you’re a wusssssss!! a major PUSSYY!!

  2. hi… U are very very tall! Next time I want to go shanghai with cheesie and ask u to bring us to go shopping… hehe

  3. Your nails are really…..ROUND.

  4. chriso: Hide your man-pride and do it!
    carrie: Haha yes, can’t help it!
    oytun: THANKS! I think.

  5. Cool that you have man-icure. how is your feeling on it.. hahah

  6. anonymiss says:

    I want to paint those nails with something sparkly! Look at them shine!

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