On my way to Shanghai, I had to stop in Dubai. Now Dubai (not airport) holds some happy memories for me, but I’d always found the terminal itself really horrible. Why? I’ll tell you:

1) Design
The terminal is like a huge aircraft hanger – one big open long room, with shops on each side. Scattered in between the shops and restaurants are the gates. I mean…scattered. I’m sitting in an ice-cream shop right now, and I can see gate 116 RIGHT THERE. Why is this a problem? Because the gates don’t open until like 1hr before take-off. Net result? People waiting outside the gates. And when I say waiting, I mean sleeping. And when I’m eating my apple crumble (taste of home!) and latte, I don’t want to eatch people sleep.

2) People
Dubai suffers from the ‘airport in the middle’ syndrome. No offence to Emiratis (sp?) but it’s not generally people’s final destination. So everyone is waiting. People don’t like to wait, and when they are made to, they become grumpy. Or sleepy (see point 1).

3) Size
I was excited to be landing in the NEW EMIRATES TERMINAL today…erm, except that the only difference to me was that I had to go through a 15 minute bus ride from the tarmac because we’d landed so far away from it. What turf?

4) Shops
Ok this is a small point, but since I’d been sentenced to 3 hours in the place last time I was here, I considered buying a big-ass shisha for the flat. SORRY SIR CASH ONLY DIRHAMS. Get a grip.

Ok so, that’s the bad…so why do I not hate DBX?


Despite all my moaning, this has already been the best stopover I’ve ever had!


  1. Oh Dubai is a wonderful place must visit dubai.

  2. II have visited Dubai International Airport and it is impossible for me to forget this great memory.

    Dubai International Airport is a place to catch the attention of the passengers towards the city.

    Dubai International Airport is the world’s 6th busiest airport by international passenger traffic, the world’s 20th busiest airport by passenger traffic and the world’s 11th busiest by cargo traffic.

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