KFC delivery Shanghai phone number

After the runaway success of my previous masterpiece, How to order Mcdonald’s delivery in Shanghai, I decided to try to answer another question – just how do you order KFC delivery in Shanghai?


The results are staggeringly easy:


Step 1
Call 4008-823-823 from your mobile or home phone.


Step 2
It should be a human answering (not a machine like Mcdonald’s), so just say “I’d like to make an order for delivery please”. They will then connect you with an English speaker.


Step 3
They will now ask for your address. Go ahead and give it to them. Don’t be afraid of telling them the ‘two road intersection’ that you’re near, too. It might make your chicken arrive quicker!


Step 4
Ordering time. Ok, don’t expect the same service that you get inside a KFC branch. You can order what you want, but some things aren’t available. Like chips (french fries). I mean…what turf? I don’t care if they’re cold when they arrive. You can order mashed potato (3.5rmb) though! Quite fun.


This beef wrap + 2 wings + orange juice was 27.5rmb. Blammo.


Ordering KFC delivery Shanghai

The lack of fries makes combo deals slightly different, with two chicken wings taking the place of their potato cousins. They also don’t sell single cokes or pepsi – you have to either get juice or a big-ass bottle of Pepsi (1.25l), but it’s cheap so do it. You’re going to need something to wash the greasy chicken down.


Finally, order some egg tarts! They’re 25rmb for 6 (expensive) but tasty as hell. Make good breakfast too.


Telephone order KFC delivery Shanghai

(If you would prefer to…you know…actually cook some food, then why not try out some recipes from my cooking website – It’s not rocket salad!)

The service is from 10am until 10pm – NO 4AM MUNCHIES FOR YOU! The delivery costs 6mb no matter how much you order, and they specifically put on their website that you DON’T HAVE TO TIP. Deal.



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  2. WTF – KFC do custard tarts! Why does Europe always get the bum-deal. We didn’t have the SNES-CD. Asia did! We didn’t have other stuff, Asia did!

    Europe loses out AGAIN

  3. Brave man orders beef wrap in KFC. It’s like asking for a Whopper in McD’s.

  4. Man! I saw that beef wrap on a china tv ad before! hey wait a min. I thought that was with McD’s? Or was it lamb? Anyhow, is it any good??

    I *heart* KFC!

  5. The beef wrap is sooooo good! But quite small (so buy two!)

  6. I love beef wraps,beef wraps love me.
    Oli,can you please order beef wrap x 100 and pay them for me?
    Thank you very much.

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  8. I used to order KFC in HK too, they had honey roasted chicken for 20 dollars and thought “biscuits” things which seemed like a good idea at the time but made me wonder if I was eating towards a heart attack…

  9. Those egg tarts are amazing little things. In fact I think they’re what drives the delivery scooter

  10. last time i had egg tarts i threw up after one bite it was not tasty and im happy they dont have any egg tarts or kfc in sweden

    • Haha I am not surprised at all that the most whining post is made by a swede! Gnällspiken, gör oss alla en tjänst och stanna hemma i Sverige i fortsättningen

  11. they can’t speak english dude your info is invalid.

  12. Dish Appointed says:

    Useless. Call needs to get transferred 3 times before someone talks English.
    Then – still, 2012 – they tell you they don’t deliver French fries … like ordering a burger but not getting the bun. Utterly useless.

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