Yesterday my eye was a little bit itchy (not bitchy), right in the corner. I tried not to rub it (thanks for the advice 20 years ago Mum!) but it gradually seemed to get worse during the day.

By evening it was quite painful. It ached a lot, especially if I happened to lean over (with blood coming into it I suppose). Anyway, when I woke up it felt heavy…

What have eye done?

…and it was swollen like a boxer! Can I get some medical advice please?


  1. Hey Oli! Your eye thing looks like what we call in chinese, a “eye needle”. Direct translation. Don’t put a needle into your eye! Hahaha! I think you got to see a doctor for this. He will prescribe some cream to you. Poor thing. First thing you ever got this?

  2. somebody kissed on ur eye too hard that night?!Lucky you~~

  3. might wanna look into this? i dunno your symptoms or health history but it might help a bit :)

    i’ve actually had itchy swollen fat eyelids too, stupid me can’t remember how or why it went back to normal after a day or so.

    good luck!

  4. Ju Ann: Thanks so much for the tip! I will go talk to the doctor today :D

    niu nai: 你疯了吗?!

    tiff: There were so many different conditions!!! I got scared!!!

  5. oooh noooo poor you! wish i was there to kiss u in the eye baby :'(

  6. If you dip a teabag in hot water and then hold it to your eye, it should help the swelling. Obviously don’t use boiling water! If you wear contact lenses, stay off them for a bit although I’m not sure how well glasses will suit you…

  7. Ai Rui Sheng says:

    It could many different things but the favourites are:
    1. Insect bite
    2. Stye
    3. Food allergy
    4. Sebaceous gland inflammation (like acne)

    Is your tongue swollen too?

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