I recently received a secret coded message from the spies at KFC!

It all began while I was trying out the zoom on my camera (it’s 10x optical, sorry John). I noticed an ‘instructional poster’ on the wall, and wanted to see how difficult it was to prepare a Boneless Banquet for One:

Boneless banquet! Yummy! But complicated!

It’s a six-step process:

  • Place 3 mini fillets in the clamshell
  • Place the clamshell into the box
  • Pack a small Popcorn in standard packaging and place into the box
  • Place one portion of regular Fries into the box
  • Place choice of side into the box (cold side served separately in 8×8 bag)
  • Close box. Serve with choice of dip and drink

A couple of things struck me. That there seems to be some irregular capitalisation in the KFC universe (Fries much?), and considering the employee-base, I find it odd that they use the word ‘clamshell’ instead of something more…accessible…like…’a box’.

ANYWAY, so I had to wait for my Popcorn chicken to be nuked…and the nice lady said she’d bring it over to our table. When it arrived, I was shocked. I’d obviously been spotted on their hi-tech security system taking photos of their trade secrets, so they’d sent me…




  1. TooLongDidntRead says:

    I came here to see pictures of nice yummy gene manipulated chicken and all you show me is a box..

  2. Does it taste the same as it in China?
    If it’s different,please take CLAMSHELLS here tmr!!!
    Suit up and then you have space for JI ROU!
    I’m hungry…

  3. omg i’m at a fehmes website wtf 3rd comment!!!

  4. TooLongDidntRead: If I showed you more you’d be tempted to stop your highly-tuned training regime to enjoy some tasty popcorn nuggets. So fu.

    niu nai: Everything tastes better in China! Except chicken feet.

    chriso: I know right!

  5. TooLongDidntRead says:

    they dont have popcorn nuggets in korea:(

  6. Djod.co.uk officially bookmarked – the premier site for fastfood gossip!

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