I used to have a website called Pornturkey.co.uk. It was (in effect) exactly the same as this website, just had a super-catchy (stupid and rude sounding) name.

This site used to be hosted by a company running out of India. It was damn cheap. I mean GOD DAMN cheap. Except for the frequent site crashes and horrible customer support, I was happy.

Until one day my site was deleted.

They said it was because it was pornographic. No backups. No warnings. I mean…to say it wasn’t pornographic seems a bit like splitting hairs, since it has the word PORN in the title…but even a five-second glance at it would have revealed that there was more Snoop Dogg than doggystyle here.

It had around a year’s worth of posts on it. I have managed to salvage a bit of the stuff from Internet Archive project, but I couldn’t save it all.

One of my favourite things (which I couldn’t find) was a scan of the postcard my sister sent to me from New York City, September 12 2001. My parents had told me how it was delivered by a postman who was standing in the doorway of our house, as white as sheet, shaking as he handed it over.

Well I found it! Hao de.


  1. I think your sites about to be shutdown again…this time by the FBI!

  2. I think your sister’s matter of factness about it all was deliciously and remarkably

  3. What??? The postman read your postcard! Outrageous!!!!!!!

  4. oytun – everything’s already in the shredder
    wittieb – I know right! “We’re just going to go to the park to have a picnic – the devil makes work for idle hands afterall!”
    #1 fan – I think he was given a pardon by the Queen

  5. Did RMS tell you about our 9/11 story?

    RMS on 10th Sept in NYC- ‘Do you want to go up the WTC?’
    Me- ‘Nah, it’s late and it’ll be here next year anyway’

    I’ve never eaten my words quite so badly.

  6. So many scary stories and close escapes from such a very sad day for everyone.

  7. Wow – do you think your sister had possibly not quite grasped the enormity of what had happened? “Anyone for a glass of Pimms in Central Park?”

    Also, I want to know, what was the pic on the front of the postcard? Twin Towers?

    And finally, when you coming to see us??? x

    • She wrote it on Sep 11th in the afternoon, so I guess she didn’t really know anything about what had happened (just like everyone else) until later on. On the front was the Empire State Building – but I can’t find it! It was a funny pic though.

      And never! XXXX

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