While looking (for an hour) for somewhere to eat with Dearest Daisy, we stumbled upon an AMAZING snowman.

Just off Oxford Street, near Carnaby Street (I think), 20 feet in the air…two, enormous, evil snowmen!

Daisy insisted I help her capture this magical find forever.

And I insisted that she help me capture this magical find forever.

We were soon transfixed by this huge decoration.

Who owned it? How did it get there? Why couldn’t all Christmas decorations be this cool?

I was so full of the joy and excitement of Christmas, I asked Daisy if she could think of ANYONE who wouldn’t absolutely LOVE this snowman.

“Erm…the person who woke up with a gigantic evil snowman face next to their window?”

Well, you can’t please everyone.


  1. that’s a pretty disturbing sight if i were to look out the window every morning expecting something beautiful :x

  2. the 3rd pic is a bit scary.
    feel like it’s a snowman with a halloween pumpkin face~

  3. i live 2 seconds away form those snowmen!

  4. Really?! Question is…were you freaked out when you first saw them?? Be honest!!!

  5. no! they were awesome.. didn’t want them to fall on me tho! i think they were better than those lame oxford st ones!

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