Until recently, 95% of Chinese textbooks were printed in Ghana.

An innocent Chinese text book!

However, contracts with publishers in Africa have recently been reviewed by the Chinese government due to suspected ‘subliminal messages’ being implanted into the minds of the youth of the country.

Damn you genetics!

I’m not sure there is any hard evidence though.


  1. bd denton (d+d)
    birthday today(d+d)
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  2. the question is is how do you say that in chinese then? you know. for future reference.

  3. Who turf Niu Nai (N+N)

  4. communist capitalism = more logical form of communism

  5. Niu Nai – very good! keep practising!
    Oytun – sitting on top of the world!
    nata – keep your hands to yourself
    Cheesie – {QQ}
    bjorn – capitalist liberalism ftw!

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