1. I don’t use facebook chat!!
    But I will put the lovely heart ♥ on my MSN name!
    I like it!

  2. please share with us more useful-yet-looks-usekess information! this site has gotta be the best reference for the most coolest information center evah!

  3. How do I hack into my gf’s facebook? Any tips on that?!!!11

  4. oytun: I know.I know!!
    Just give me 500RMB and I will tell you!!!

  5. there is also this: �

  6. How do I hack into my gf’s facebook? Any tips on that?!!!11

    Why? Don’t trust her?

  7. uhhmmm trust issues much?

  8. Does anyone know how to keep my BF from hacking into my facebook? ah crap..Robby is that you…WTF….dude….thats it, im telling your mom, work crew, and brother about you wanting me to give you the shocker…..we’re done.

  9. me gustaria tener estos monitos son bakanes iia weno esu seria nu mas pozz
    iiia xau :)

  10. these are gr8

  11. hi, i cant get emoticons to work by typing them, just get wat it type, not the pic..or doing the hold down alt option, but your copy and paste works, so please please please.. can you put up more for me to copy x

  12. there’s also this cool sun thing that you can do ☼
    it’s alt+9999

  13. ▼ alt 13 hold togheder!!!

  14. how do you do that sttuff alt doesnt do anything for me…. :(

  15. DENISE PURDELL says:

    I have aa Toshiba Laptop and caan’t find the “Num Lock” button,looked at top right of keyboard!!! Help

  16. yer i gt a toshiba 2… n mine dnt have the num lock button!! :( poo!! x

  17. In order to make it work you need to push the numbers on the “num lock” side of the keyboard xox

  18. that’s so awesome! you help with stuff! :)

  19. that’s awesome!

  20. This Rocks! Thanks for helping me! I totally just won an emoticon fight on facebook! yes! u guys rule!

  21. Hi
    I have a mac, and it’s not working :(

  22. How do you make these symbols on a Mac?

  23. I hav a facebook…im 12 add me, summer gibson . mrs3joejonas@aim.com