1. it doesnt work in my laptop :/ cause i do not have num lock in my keyboard :(

  2. Brittany Human says:

    Hi I Am Brittany I Love B-Cubed(:

  3. i have a macbook and it won’t work either, so i go to this site here and cut copy and paste the ones shown here on fb or anywhere else i want them! foolproof!

  4. thanks for showing these things but they dont really help because i dont want to keep copy and pasting these symbols so there you hav it thats my REPLY Okay BAI BAI

  5. lucy lou lou says:

    thx tht really heped :)

  6. This was easy to use, just copy and paste it and stop whining like little girls! if you still cant do that just give up on life. good luck losers

  7. Sarah Da Bitch says:

    OMG thanks really helped

  8. SoommeeBooddeeurrgghh says:

    Thhaannnkkk yyyyooouuuu ;)

  9. If you type <3 facebook will replace it with the heart fyi

  10. (^^^)
    that’s the symbol for a shark i believe

  11. Aaron Edwards says:

    OMG ♪

  12. Cecillia clare leroux says:

    yeah this is quit easy i just copyd and past

  13. thanks.. its working. i love it.

  14. Uuum…im on a kindle…?

  15. this really helps… God bless… more knowledge to share !!!

  16. ¡£ ¡¢

  17. Tnx this here is alot more useful than the other sites I’ve checked…

  18. ♪♫☺ thnx

  19. Joan Fleming says:

    My Granddaughter showwed me this one :poop:

    : poop : put it together no spaces…

  20. thanx alot :)

  21. ♪♫☺

  22. don’t have a number lock at top right on my laptop nor does alt and doing the numbers at the same time work, real bummer

  23. daniella says:

    what about macs?

  24. sumayya khan says:

    that was so easy!Thanx