1. §▬↨↑↓→←∟↔▲▼ can all be done by pressing alt and any # between 21 and 31 in consecutive order!

  2. thank for that info cool


  4. What about facebook mobile

  5. i have seen someone putting on his status an aeroplane…does anyone know how to do this?????

  6. it doesnt work. it just opens my inbox. no matter what i do. HELPP!!!!

  7. jasmine,
    it only works if you type it into the NUMPAD at the right. the normal numers at the top of the keyboard won’t do it. good luck :)
    ☮ to all

  8. you’re all fucking stupid. go to the character map on your computer. DUH! fucking morons

  9. Try webdings in word. Copy & paste

  10. What about for macs?

  11. Here U can see all symbols until 700 U can make with alt+###

  12. it doesnt work……… i tried…………….

  13. johndeeregirlatheart says:

    how do u do the cross??

  14. I have a mac and it soooo doesnt work :(

  15. Heyy,
    Ummm….well, I don’t want to sound really dumb, but somebody mentioned a character map, can anyone tell me how to find that on a Windows??

  16. Oops, i said Windows, i meant HP

  17. I found the character map,
    but I’m just wondering, mine isn’t the same, can somebody help me figure this out??

  18. use can also do Fn and Alt if you hve FN numbers instead of a numpad- and you have to also use numpad numbers..

  19. sql injection maybe?

  20. i see that it takes a little bit of finesse to type them…and it only works for me if i use the number pad and not the row of numbers across the top of the keyboard.

    i don’t know exactly how, but you have to be very precise and keep the alt key held down until after you press the number. once you let the alt key go, then the icon appears. weird.