Chunz sent me this epic photo in response to my last post…Best thing in Heathrow…and I think she’s topped it!

WTF stationery vending machine?

A stationery vending machine! Well you weren’t expecting it to move were you? sorry.

Anyone got any more?


  1. FIRST!!! W-000-TT! :D :D D:

  2. i saw this i phone, psp etc vending machine at Dallas airport – didnt take a photo but a quick google search – looks like the same one

    there was some poor bastard buying a PSP for his son. $250 layout – little bit more expensive than the 250g bag of M&Ms he was expecting. NB: they were selling GBA as well – god knows why the little shit wanted a PSP

  3. Super. I wish I could import one here so to earn $ directly. Wa haha~

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