When trying to save money, it’s probably a bad idea to go for a ‘quick drink’ with colleagues. Especially with new colleagues. Especially with new colleagues who all don’t have to work the next day. Thanks guys.

So…today I woke up with no money and even less dignity…and where better to go when you’ve hit rock bottom than:

Shanghai Old People's University

It’s a University for old people. Courses include painting, drawing, dancing and…eating! Ok it’s not a course, but they have their own super-subsidised canteen! It’s hidden on the 14th floor of an office building…

Interior decoration is not their strong point

…and had quite a special view! IT’S MY APPARTMENT!


I considered taking my fake grey moustache in order to pretend to be an OAP…but I was warned that old people can see through even the best disguises due to their experience in World War 2.

Play on playa

As you can see, I was spotted immediately by one old codger, but it seemed like he was macking on some other hotties in the queue so he just looked at me like “Game recognize game” and I nodded in agreement.

We queued up for the grub (after buying the food ticket – 8rmb (£0.80)) and a little posse formed behind…

Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy and sad.

…but they all looked pretty depressed. What the hell?! No appreciation of the amazing bargain they were about to snaffle up. Their loss.

Don't mess with her, she's serious

Everyone inside the cantina seemed totally focussed on eating. Could the food really be so good that they didn’t want to chat to each other?

Must Eat. Must Eat.

Well, yes.

Let's eat!

My eyes were like BOOM! Three fish pieces (带鱼), crispy ‘sweet and sour style’ pork (古老肉), more rice than I could eat in one week (米饭), aubergines in sauce (茄子), two types of green/yellow vegetable (青菜 + 白菜)(cabbage? I admit I suck at veg vocab. Sue me.), and soup (海带汤). EIGHTY TURFING PENCE. And you know what…it would be 60p if it hadn’t been for the friggin’ Credit Crunch and the practical devaluation of the GBP. CHEW ON THAT! (chew!)

This is not an egg plant

The green stuff was actually (and I am not crossing fingers, toes or anything right now) delicious. It was certainly the best veg I’ve had in China so far…and I even ate the aubergine stuff even though I usually hate it.

Don't eat them! CANCER!


So yeah…a flippin’ feast for less money than it costs for 2 chicken wings from KFC. They don’t deliver though!


  1. Hahahaha!
    What a awesome experience for you my little zhu!!
    I wish they also offer dinner.Then we can take Oytun there! Show him the place we threw our rest food!!Then he probably wouldn’t eat for a month!!


  2. EM laughing to death…hahaha…luckily I got my lunch box today and did not go…..

  3. Vivian please, don’t ever suggest bringing me to this god-forsaken torture chamber looking place serving what could only be ‘starving-pitbull-leftover-tranquilizing-poison-substance’ place ever again. And DJOD, puhleezzee, 8rmb=homemade rice+500g chicken breast+660ml of China’s finest booze.

  4. c’mon you guys, take me there next time you go!! i needa save up :x

  5. I dont need to save money, as i have no money to save.

  6. YO HOOK IT UP. And hands off T’s skype. That’s right I’m mixing facebook politics with your cabbage post

  7. Yo yo guys,I just walk by….
    I like old people! They ROCK!
    They always like me and say ‘Wow!!2m?Yao Ming!!’

  8. i… can;t believe.. you resorted to such…. atrocity.

    ok chill no heart feelings (mistake intended haha)

  9. good for diet =) live green, save mother earth wtf hahahahaha

  10. They just share the table and kill their lunch. They won’t chat if they don’t know each other. Btw, you’d better take more rice. 你太瘦了哈哈

  11. Poor man~~~


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