Nottingham Forest Manchester City FA Cup

Just because I’m in China, doesn’t mean I can’t feel the love.


  1. when i read the bbc frontpage hughes was fuming indenfensibly. never would i have thought that spurs reject calderwood’s departure would lead to your best result in years. kaboom, welcome to the truth robinho, you joined a bunch of muppets

  2. How to say “fair weather fan” in Chinese? >;P

  3. 好天氣先生?

  4. Oh so when I’m feeling the lows…and there have been many, many lows…then it’s ok…but when I celebrate the highs I get this hate?! SCREW YOU GUYS!

  5. Your feeling of euphoria will be tempered by the cold-steel of Derby in the next round. You are managed by Derby’s ex-boss Billy Davies, and Derby are managed by your old bosses son and ex-forest player Nigel Clough. Is that ironic, or just a coincidence? Maybe if someone resurrects Brian Clough and he picks his son to play for Forest and he scores the winning goal, while he was supposed to be managing Derby that will be ironic? Oh the irony, or randomness?

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