Hello Kitty Shanghai!

I had a one-on-one class with a young lady today, who introduced herself as Kitty.

“Hello Kitty!” I said. I couldn’t resist.
“哈囖吉蒂!” 我忍不住说。

So we chat for a bit about her interests, what she does etc…

“I’m a student at University. I study a course that nobody has really heard of…It’s about planning and managing exhibitions and events. My major is called Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Exhibitions.”

Kitty studies MICE.



  1. haha, waiting for No.2
    Kitty is a professional cat~~

  2. Can i be a mice for her?

  3. serious??? did this really happen??

  4. Shouldn’t she be studying Dynamic Ontology General Studies…?

  5. Jean: There will be many I think!
    Chriso: I sent her your CV
    Chunz: Would I lie to you?!
    Oytun: She seemed like a hungry doctor…maybe she should study Intense Acute Mesothelioma Syndrome? (http://www.iams.com)

  6. Lololol tai drole le

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