Robin decides to take matters into his own hands...

Epic fail.


  1. personally, we’re better off from the disaster. reason1 we enjoyed those alcohol games; 2 our immune system gets stronger…3 one more reason to hate Japanese therefore being less guilty 4 extra day off 5 sharing happiness as well as illness is madly encouraging…LETS BUILD THIS TEAM AGAIN ^^

  2. It seems Robin is the only one who stays good in food-poinsoning accident, isn’t he?

  3. Yes Jean! SUSPICIOUS I THINK!!!!

    And Ding Ding Dang…ni feng le ma?! There must be a better way to team build! KTV?! Ice skating?! Even playing in the traffic would be better than this…

  4. I hate when others order for me, and then on the small chance that there is something I like that’s been ordered, it gets mouthbanged by like everyone else at the table before I can $@!# get my chopsticks synched!

  5. iron man, ni de brain bei xiong mao chi le ma? ktv n ice-ground etc are only hardwares…a beautiful mind prevails. so, next team building, teppenyaki….IN MEMORY OF flushed bacteria ^^

  6. ps (to IT support), i dun like my auto emoticon, can you pick either a happy face or garfield for me please? cheers.

  7. I think it looks a bit like you…

    And Oytun, please use ‘mouthbanged’ 5 times at work today! It’s the new ‘chillax’!

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