Trust me?! No way!
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She looks like a liar!


  1. What would my mother think!

  2. I don’t care whether she’s lying or not – age ain’t nothing but a number.

  3. I’ve got bras that make me look older than that!

  4. i don’t understand. is it aimed at 16 yr olds who wanna get into bars and then whore themselves out? can’t see how this passed any sort of ofcom standard. i believe her… it would be folly not too

  5. I always thought that ad was a little suspect too…

  6. we have GOT to send Djod 007 in to check on this inconsistency!

    please do a thorough check and come back to us with full report on your actions (do NOT miss anything out under ANY circumstances, ya hear!?)

  7. Analysis written outta pure boredom:
    Asian girls look young – they have good genes so even when they are 18 they may look younger

    The ad is divided into two parts on purpose:
    The bra is on one side ‘Trust me’ – its like saying trust the boobs, they will reveal how womanly you really are
    The girl is separate and saying i’m 18….with the bra she feels like the woman she is and this comes out in what she says – she no longer needs to be questioned because facially she may look young

    Translation for females:
    – younger girls who are 16 can look older and whore themselves out
    – girls who really are 18 but sometimes dont feel like a woman yet can wear this and have confidence in themselves

    Translation for males:
    – Girl has awesome boobs, whatever she says goes

  8. What we DONT see in the ad, is the 5 inches of padding that is automatically inserted into any Chinese bra. I dont trust Chinese bras!

  9. That’s an advertisement, Oli, and everyone knows ads lie.

  10. hey hey…It’s amazing to see her ad here…I’m just a passenger who find you blog is really humourous..
    Ok, this “girl” is one of my idol, she’s a Japanese singer and her name is Ayumi Hamasaki…and this “girl” is not 16 or 18…She’s already 30…
    I’m not here to promote her…just..want to leave something because I’m interested in British guys and it surprised me that this British guy post my idol’s ad…

  11. Gcobani: Your mother would buy 2.
    wittieb: Testify.
    Liliana: Show!
    jme: Some people just have a ‘trusting face’ don’t they?
    Jake: 你是警察吗?
    Chriso: Reporting for duty, Sir!
    me: You have way too much time on your hands…
    oytun: Preaching to the choir…
    Lila Du: I can’t believe she’s so old! But she’s definitely still gorgeous~ and welcome to you :D

  12. uh-huh, I’ve already recommended this website to my friend. We nearly laughed ourselves to death at the “hello kitty” thing….

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