The following is a post about my new mobile phone. Please read and then in the ‘COMMENTS’ section guess how much you think it cost! You can guess in any currency, I’ll work it out…


So…I didn’t plan this…it just happened. I have a new phone! Actually it’s not a phone…it’s a whole new lifesyle…


new phone shanghai fake market!

Ok some backstory…we’ve been browsing Shanghai’s notorious ‘fake market’ (opposite 555 Nan Jing Xi Lu) for a couple of weeks now. I say notorious because the majority of the products they sell are…fake. That said, I suppose if you have a ‘fake market’ and sell ‘fake’ goods, then in effect you’re selling genuine goods…anyway…


new phone shanghai fake market!

Here’s what’s in the box. Phone, battery, spare battery, headphones/handsfree, usb cable, power adapter. So far, so normal. It is ‘dual sim’, so if you call either of my Chinese phone-numbers, it’ll ring. Nobody does ring them, however, but it’s nice to know that if they did, it would.


new phone shanghai fake market!

Here’s how big it is. The PSP is an ‘original’ PSP (I think – if it makes a difference). As you can see, it is mostly screen (touchscreen – the stylus plugs in to the side), with a small ‘joypad’ style button next to the numbers.


new phone shanghai fake market!

It’s not too thick really, around 10mm.


new phone shanghai fake market!

Here’s the back. Some ‘interesting’ writing on it…oh…what’s that you say? YEAH MOFO! It says TV!


It plays TV programmes! Like…5 channels! Minimum! Depending on where you are, you can get different ones. As you can see from the video, it’s also got a little stand which you can use when you wanna watch it but not hold it in your hand…why anyone would need their hands free when watching TV is beyond me…


new phone shanghai fake market!

You can also record from the TV! Although I’m not sure what you’d want to record…but still…good to know right? RIGHT?! It plays movies, mp3s, photos etc…and when you turn the screen around, it rotates the aspect of the picture (like those new iPod nanos).

你可以录下电视节目!虽然我不确定你是不是想录。。。但是。。知道也没有坏处,对吗?它还可以播放电影,mp3等,图片等等。。。而且当你转屏幕的时候,图片也会跟着旋转角度(就像那些新的ipod nano一样)。

It has character input (ok my hand was shaky) as well as the normal T9 dictionaries for loads of different languages (including Turkish! Holla!). You can also change the speed that the input ‘accepts’ each stroke, so no more ‘halfway-through-a-character-then-it-guesses-the-wrong-one’ problems. I know everyone has those.


new phone shanghai fake market!

It also has an extremely (uncomfortably) loud MP3/radio player (which I keep accidently setting off on the bus). Ah well…they hate me coz they ain’t me…


Now here’s the game…how much was this sexy piece of kit? Put your guess in the COMMENTS!

And no cheating…if you know the answer, don’t spoil it for everyone else!!!




  1. UltimateDave says:

    When you going to put us out of our misery Oli?

    My guess is £55.95

  2. If there is a currency (name it ^*) that 1RMB=1000^*, I guess it’s 900000^*

  3. wittieb: like BK give away decent kids’ meal toys.
    JarvanSB: such a pessimist. Typical accountant!
    Chriso: Bling!
    Lila Du: You’re so cruel! SO SO CRUEL! And yeah…i do (accidently) play shitty songs loud. I think you might have complained about ME!
    UltimateDave: Your guess is too precise! I think you’ve got some insider knowledge! PSanswer coming SOON! This weekend!
    Jean: You’re too 牛! I think it’s CNY so you’re 2x牛!

  4. UltimateDave says:

    This Weekend eh Oli? Lies!

  5. How much was that phone and where did you get it exactly? I am really interested.

  6. Ed:


    Bought from Shanghai’s ‘fake market’ (opposite 555 Nan Jing Xi Lu) on Nanjingxi lu. Do it!

  7. anonymiss says:

    Strangers read this blog all the time. (I’m one of ’em) I found it cause I was looking for the facebook chat codes.

    And kept reading.


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