If you don’t know what I’m talking about here, click here for more information: Phone game – Guess how much my phone cost! PLAY NOW! (手机游戏-猜猜我的手机多少钱! 开始! ). If you do, read on…

如果你不知道我在说什么,点击这里查看更多信息: Phone game – Guess how much my phone cost! PLAY NOW! (手机游戏-猜猜我的手机多少钱! 开始! ). 如果你看了,那就请继续…

So, business first. The price of the superphone is…..


super shanghai phone price = 530rmb!

Or, to put it another way…

GBP – £53.22
EUR – €58.34
USD – $77.38
HKD – $600.00
MYR – 277.54
CAD – $94.32

Or, to put it another way…又或者,用其他的说法…



So if you want to buy one, go to the fake market opposite 555 Nanjing Xi Lu and tell them Oli sent ya! (Actually don’t tell them that, because they won’t know who you’re talking about).


So here are the best guesses:

neko – 684rmb
kitty – 300-600rmb
Barracka – 700rmb
b.cheng – 500rmb
Lila Du – 400rmb
UltimateDave – 547rmb – CHEAT ALERT!!! 有作弊嫌疑!!!

Thanks for playing! See you soon for the next game of Chinese ‘The Price is Right’!
谢谢参与! 下次中国版的“价格竞猜”游戏见!


  1. haha, I’ve asked around in 555 Nanjing Xi Lu MKT and one person told me that recently he offered 50% discount on a smart phone to a foreign-face-huge guy to enhance China internation relationship…

  2. UltimateDave says:

    How could I have cheated?

    I just thought it sounded like a nice price and I had no idea of how it would convert into rmb!

    Has it broken yet?

  3. Jean: He sounds cute! I will look out for him around town!
    UltimateDave: Let’s just say…well…there are a couple of functions which may not be AS usable as they once were. However, in defence of the super-company that built this mothership…dropping it 3 times may have had something to do with that :(

  4. 还好猜中无奖,不然我可后悔了,因我猜的满准的…
    250-300RM (这里我们習惯用RM不用MYR)
    可是我把RM写成RMB,价钱低了一半, 当你说我猜得太离谱时我还蒙查查(blur..) LOL…

  5. WOW!! I was on the list! Lucky me! haha

  6. That is such a good price. How is the phone holding up? Is it still usable? I will definitely stop by nanjing xi lu. Do they have a lot of cool phones?

  7. It would still be perfect if I hadn’t dropped it a few times, slightly cracking the screen. But it is really a great phone. And yeah – cheap as hell.

    Before you go, check out:


    For an idea of what you should be paying for what types of phones (they will try to make you overpay unless you have some ‘backup’). Let ,e know if you find a classic!

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