You must be quackers!

Here’s the second part of the Chinglish disaster that is the menu that we ordered from on Chinese New Year…enjoy!


Ok this first one isn’t technically Chinglish, I just wanted to show you it because it’s funny!


A real pig's ear

Revenge of the Sifh


Tarred and feathered

I wish it was dog meat



It's a trap!

They're rats with tails!

Damn cheating Koreans

Mercury poisoning much?

58rmb plus washing up

sexy tish!

Official swallower!

Ok ok let the sheep go in front...

Ok I can’t choose between these two…they’re BOTH my favourite! IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!?! Anything is possible! It’s China baby!





  1. That must be some really freakin good Sesame paste….

  2. OMG I loled at work big time. I tried to mix in with some coughs but I couldnt even manage that! Truely priceless oli!! My favorite was Harsh Potato. Sounds like character from a kid’s cartoon. Imagine biting the cute little thing’s head right off! And Neptune Orient – burning chemicals lol! “Fress off the meteor from Neptune… get them while they last!” ~by Chemical Ali

  3. The unfortunate part of this is that the “dog meat” dish was translated correctly.

  4. sooo…in a restuarant where you are clearly stuck for choice…which one did you choose in the end?? Is it the weird head thing in the top picture?!

  5. It’s ok to have a comment.

  6. Harsh Potato has to be the best. How could a potato be harsh? What would it have to do?

    Rich – do you like my new trousers?
    Potato – no, they make your arse look like a gigantic cauliflower. Actually, all your trousers make your arse look like oversized comedy vegetables.
    Rich – That’s a bit harsh isn’t it?

  7. Chinese are genius…
    But I am a stupid one.

  8. it’s amazing translation. haha

    but Oli, you may taste some of them. so how will you name these food if you are the shopowner? both suitable and creative. :)

  9. anonymiss says:

    Oh dear!

    Fried cabbage with Che (Guevara?)???


    Better keep them away from the ‘box head wang’… could be disastrous!

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