Complete the following sentences with answers relevant to your life. This is an extremely scientific, psychological test which can find out whether you’re going to be a serial killer or not (within a 7 year window). Don’t cheat, don’t think too much, just answer! GO!


1) If it doesn’t fit… (如果不适合…)

2) If it’s itchy… (如果很痒…)

3) If I can’t see you… (如果我看不到你…)

4) Ice-cream is for… (冰激淋是用来…)

5) I’m not a player… (我不是个很随便的人…)

I’ll start… (check ‘Comments’, then add your own!)


  1. It can fit later
    Just let it be, it’ll be OK
    I’m noteless
    Bad hot days
    I am THE player

  2. anonymiss says:

    1) buy a vanity size.

    2) it’s probably herpes.

    3) it’s not you, it’s me, I just need “space”.

    4) hot days under the sun.

    5) because I prefer to watch.

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