Just in case you haven’t seen this yet, watch Fiona’s mum go bananas in an airport after she missed her flight!

过来欣赏 fiona 的妈妈在香港机场因为错过了她的航班而发神经病的录像!


  1. Let’s try to think why she might have gone bersek:

    1) It was her only chance to meet up with her abandoned son.
    2) She was going to cash in her lottery ticket which was just about to reach expiry date.
    3)She was going to meet a MySpace boyfriend for her first lay in 20 years.
    4)She bought every ticket on the plane to make a special Valentine’s Day surprise to her husband.
    5)Hong Kong women are a slightly overdramatic.

    Hmmm…I know which one I’m going for.

  2. Let’s keep brainstorming:

    6) She had some chicken feet in the oven at home in HK and they might burn if she doesn’t get back there
    7) She’s going to miss CNY and her 1000 hong bao

  3. Cantonese~~only one expression understood: 别激动…
    m… a special way to punish herself for missing the flight

  4. Wrong, wrong, wrong!
    All wrong!

    She’s going to have some shark’s sin soup with her daughter!

    Come and meet her crazy daughter – what a crazy c*!?


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