It's a trap!



  1. With Sesame Paste?

  2. No sesame paste, but comes with an acrobatic frog.

  3. on the contrary young oli, this device helps the world be a better place by promoting the cause for “skipping rape” :D

  4. UltimateDave says:

    Agreed. If you bought it off the internet sight-unseen then you would expect it to be a guide about controlling your urges… yes, I said YOUR urges. Sick!

  5. I completely overlooked this! It’s OBVIOUSLY a crime prevention device, officially licensed by the Chinese government. I’m such a fool!

  6. MSG-in-cheek: rape isn’t cool, skip rape and skip ropes instead!

    Ingenious really! Wonder where the government went wrong..

  7. John Christie says:

    skip rape, go straight to murder! oh wait, no…that’s the wrong way round.

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