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I’ve been in China nearly a year, and every day I read BBC news as well as a number of other sites through Google News. Today I noticed a story about China cancelling an Oasis gig (this news is actually around 5 days old, but still, I wondered what the reason was for the cancellation).


To my suprise, I was greeted with the news that the Chinese government had cancelled their gig due to their ‘Free-Tibet’ ties. I thought this was a little extreme (since I doubt Noel and Liam could find Spain on a map, let alone Tibet). Reading on, the BBC detailed some more performers who had been refused entry or had controversial appearances, including Bjork:


“Last year, Icelandic star Bjork shouted “Free Tibet!” after a song about independence performed during a Shanghai concert, which went unreported in the state-controlled Chinese media. ”


Unreported? That’s weird…I’m sure I remember reading about it somewhere…Probably in local blogs…

没被报道吗? 很奇怪…我肯定在哪里读到过… 很可能是在当地的BLOG上…

Oh yeah, that’s right, it was in my local newspaper:

喔对,在当地的报纸上: (search ‘bjork’ 搜索‘bjork’)

…oh and in that other newspaper, the national one:


…and on this one:


…oh yeah and on that um website know…the big state-controlled media one…


The last line of the Xinhua article is particularly unreported:


“It [China’s Ministry of Culture] said it will tighten the scrutiny of foreign artistic groups coming for performance in China to prevent similar incidents from happening again.”

“文化部将在进一步调查核实后,依法进行处理,并将在今后对外国来华演出的文艺团组进一步严格把关,防范类似事件再次发生。” (Chinese/中文)

Thank liberty that the BBC is now on hand to break this news – almost on its anniversary!


  1. tom – From the BBC site: “Correction 4 March 2009: An earlier version of this story wrongly reported that Bjork had shouted “Free Tibet!” during a Shanghai concert in 2008…”

    It seems that the BBC and Xinhua agree on what was said.

    As to the difference in Chinese language and English language news – the question is not whether there are differences, but whether the report exists in any language.

  2. No Way Sis says:

    But Oli, tell me, did the BBC deliberately lie? Are you avoiding my question? Pride is a terrible thing.

  3. you’ve been in china for nearly a year. how about 8 months minus holidays and trips. don’t misinform your readers please, you’re worse than the bbc

  4. the bbc is as objective as a news website can be. it routinely declines making comment or taking political sides and any errors are probably misinformed instead of intentional. i have a friend in taipei who works for a radio news company and he’s always moaning that the bbc correspondent in taiwan is useless. i really don’t think lies is appropriate and is needlessly sensationalist. china’s news media in china is on the other hand woefully one sided and symptomatic of the country’s liberty problems. it’s wrong to say democracy can’t function due to sheer numbers and that they aren’t ready. i think you should avoid making political comments given neither of you have done the research or know enough to go beyond the obvious obervations. humans by their nature become defensive about things they hold dear. you two clearly enjoy living in shanghai and thus are taking a stand against what you perceive as bias against a place you like. just know that if china didn’t have the workforce or the resources it’d be as attractive a proposition as north korea or an indonesian country in terms of living standards and political ideals, and would also be a prime candidate for a place on the axis of evil. you guys put up with the subpression because you’re allowed to live freer than most and enjoy a western lifestyle most are denied in china. let’s all lighten up and make jokes about funny english translations instead.

  5. No Way Sis says:

    Come on Oli, tell me, did the BBC deliberately lie? The silence is deafening.

  6. OMG so the BBC isn’t corrupt/full of thieves/and just a breeding ground for terrorists???! Oli I also demand you take down this article immediately, I was ALMOST tricked into believing your bag of manipulative lies and banning English products from my home.

    And while we’re at it, the funny translations should also be removed!! For it is insensitive and downright insulting to the millions of rather poor individuals who try their best to learn a foreign language and while trying their best, make mistakes. SIMPLY UNACCEPTABLE!!

    And I’m not sure what is going on with these weird avatars next to people’s names either…but making a mockery out of people born with bad complexion and putting pictures of them next to people is simply disgusting to the 14 people in this world suffering from Pentagon-Head Syndrome. Your sense of humour should be a topic of discussion at the next Geneva Convention.


  7. No Way Sis says:

    oytun’s back.

    Oytun, do YOU know whether Oli knew whether the BBC deliberately lied, as his headline suggests, or just made an honest mistake?

    Yes or no will suffice.

  8. No Way Sis:

    Don’t worry I’m on this case now.

    I just need to prove that his account wasn’t hacked into by an anti-BBC group and posted this article and that he didn’t invent a mindreading device – if I can get those two proofs then I think we can claim Oli did something wrong. Until then, we best keep quiet.

  9. No Way Sis says:


    same old blah blah bleat bleat from you.

    yes or no? you won’t answer because the answer embarrasses you. pathetic.

    Oli, did you know?

  10. So let me ask you No Way Sis, do you or do you NOT know whether Oli KNOWS about BBC lieing or not.

    Based on your own logic, you shouldn’t accuse Oli of anything for the same reason you have claimed Oli shouldn’t blame the BBC of anything……Get it?


    Trolling is a terrible thing.

  11. No Way Sis says:


    Now now oytun, stop going off topic, little child. Yes or no?

  12. Yes I know they were lying, because they hate China.

    Also, there is no God.

    Finally, Harbin is the best beer in China.

  13. No Way Sis says:

    Finally, we have it, an answer. Basically you are saying ‘no you do not know’, but you dress it up in childish petulance and sarcasm to cover your wounded pride. The arrogance of a 10-a-penny, look-at-me blogger beautifully exposed.

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