Don't be edible ffs

…I’ve told you a thousand times…DON’T BE EDIBLE!

Courtesy of Boston!!!



  1. You comment on “don’t be edible” but MISS Exterior ‘Girdle’ food!!

    girdle : for our chinese counterparts:

    1. a lightweight undergarment, worn esp. by women, often partly or entirely of elastic or boned, for supporting and giving a slimmer appearance to the abdomen, hips, and buttocks.

  2. i’m still trying to figure out what this sign was ‘supposed to mean’…ie they obviously got it wrong, but was you in a girdle shop or something?!

  3. Doesn’t it mean something like “Please don’t eat here, take your food outside.” ??

  4. what is a girdle shop?

    and i can’t help it if i’m edible darling!

  5. Wicked!!

    This was outside a hot pot restaurant with humungo plastic trees and no heating.

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