I don’t know why I find it so funny, but the cancelled Oasis concert in Shanghai was sponsored by…Kappa.


oasis shanghai kappa lol

I’d never put Kappa and Oasis together in my mind (for me, Kappa will always be happy hardcore raver uniform and not moody, rebellious, whining mancs), but it did remind me of some of the wars which helped to define our teenage years:


Blur v Oasis (Oasis won (sorry Damon))

Blur对Oasis (Oasis胜(不好意思Damon))

SNES v Megadrive (SNES won)

超级任天堂 对世嘉游戏机 (超级任天堂 胜)

Moshers v Ravers (Double disqualification)

狂舞派 对 锐舞派 (都不合格)

Steve Davis v Stephen Hendry (Hendry won)

Steve Davis 对Stephen Hendry (Hendry 胜)

Kappa v Adidas (Adidas won)

Kappa 对 Adidas (Adidas 胜)

…did I forget any?



  1. erm… Coke vs Pepsi?

  2. EF v WSE (still undergoing)

  3. childrens bbc vs. ITV (BBC won apart from no transformers! but they had thundercats)

  4. Definitely forgot a big one: Noel vs. Liam Gallagher!

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